As part of our ambition to foster a community of medical and dental students interested in clinical academia, ASSAM is changing its membership policy. 

Everyone who attends our events must be a member of ASSAM. This will allow us to understand and track our membership demographic, and target our events accordingly. We will continue to support FREE MEMBERSHIP for all medical and dental students at The University of Aberdeen. We will NEVER charge for our events.

All students who wish to apply to the Aberdeen Summer Research Studentship (ASRS) or HOTSTART program, must be a member of the ASSAM. It is likely that this will apply for other similar research awards offered by the medical school.

As part of a pilot scheme, we are also encouraging medical and dental students from other universities to join our membership. This will provide opportunity for future collaborations and event sharing (online, video-conferencing and in person).

To become a member of ASSAM, simply register your details with us in this application form. We DO NOT plan to send routine emails to you, it is purely to confirm your status as a medical or dental student and provide you with an ASSAM membership ID.