TECHFEST 2017 – “Tomorrow’s Doctors: Medical Students Leading Cutting-Edge Research”

You can read about last years inaugural event in this issue of the Press and Journal. This was extremely well received; interesting and engaging for the public and a bespoke learning experience for the speakers. Some images of our top medical student researchers presenting their work are below.


Katherine Coyle (How hard can you push yourself exercising with heart disease), Dr. Mairi McLean (Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant in Gastroenterology), Professor Rona Patey (Director of the Institute of Education for Medical and Dental Sciences), Dominika Boldovjakova (New anti-fungal targets: bedside to bench) Ross Porter (Do immune proteins play a role in cancer?) and Genevieve Marsh-Feiley (Is pre-hospital ultrasound scanning viable in the Highlands?) and Serena Banh (NSAMR Chair) engaging with members of the local community at TECHFEST 2017.